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The Goodies Co.

May 7, 2013


My family and I are definitely snackers. We love to try new snacks and venture out to different types of snacks.  From chips to chocolate, we love to try new things, but sometimes the new things we try just turn out to be a big disappointment.  We’ve spent a lot of money on trying new snacks and sometimes that money just goes down the drain.  Just last week my son wanted to try a new type of pretzel and it turns out he did not care for the taste of cardboard.  I don’t blame him one bit, because I do not like the taste of cardboard myself.

I recently discovered The Goodies Co.  I decided to give The Box at The Goodie Co. a try.  What is The Box, you ask?  Well I was surprised to find a company that offers a variety of snacks for just $7 a month.  You subscribe and for just $7, including tax and shipping, you get a box with 5 to 8 snacks to try and delivered directly to your front door.  Plus if you share your reviews with the company on the snacks you try, you earn points.  You can also earn additional points when readers find your reviews useful and by updating your profile.  Goodies Co. appreciates your feedback and relies on the opinions of loyal customers.

If you would like to join The Goodies Co. points program you can visit their website and request and invite.  Spaces are limited so only Nibbles and Feasts readers get the VIP treatment.   Be sure to use promo code BLOGVIP to bypass the waitlist and get right in. You will receive two emails after you sign up.  The first email will let you know that you are in line for an invite.  The second email will let you know that your invitation has arrived.  Once you get that email, you are IN!  Never spend money on another boring snack again.

This is a sponsored post by The Goodies Co. All opinions are my own.