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The Produce News Daily  Food bloggers and Idaho potatoes find ‘true love’ for Valentine’s Day. February 14 2012

Fishbowl LA
:  Food Bloggers Pledge Their Potato Love. February 14, 2012



General Mill’s Que Rica Vida

National Honey Board Ambassador and recipe developer, Winter 2012

Maseca Amigas Blogueras

The California Raisins Blogger Bunch, 2012

California Milk, 2012

Idaho Potato Commission : The Potato Blog Squad

Kikkoman Flavor Brigade, 2013-2014

Tabasco Tastemaker, 2013

Cacique Inc. Ambassador, 2014

Grapes from California Ambassador, 2014

Kraft Tastemaker, 2013, 2014

Wilton Sweet Treat Team, 2014

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    Lots of fun. I love the wheat free part.
    See you at school.
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