Northgate Market Opens in La Habra, CA

April 4, 2017

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As a new resident of La Habra, CA., I was thrilled to have a new Northgate Market flagship store a hop, skip and a jump away. I had the opportunity to attend their new flagship store Grand Opening on March 29 and see what the new and improved Northgate Market had to offer.  As a recipe developer, I visit many stores in search for a variety of ingredients.  Many are difficult to find because they are exotic and so authentic, the general market consumer is not familiar with them, therefore, not in demand. Northgate Market has been my go-to store for authentic Latin products for my recipe development and I was so excited that my shopping experience has been enhanced with hundreds of new products and departments so close to home, literally and figuratively.


Northgate Market has been serving the community for 30 years. Each year enhancing their stores with new demands from the bicultural, Hispanic and Latino Americans that include Millennials and Immigrants.  We all want to feel at home and enjoy those foods and products that remind us of our happy place.

This new Northgate Market has that and more.  Northgate continues to provide those foods that made them what they are today:  bolillos made from scratch, their secret recipe chorizos, freshly made carnitas and fire roasted split chicken, and of course their fresh-made corn and flour tortillas.


Northgate not only has one of the largest seafood offerings around, but they also showcase 10 new authentic recipes of ceviche and cocktails from all over the world. Their Seafood/Pescaderia features fresh catches of the week.  But if you prefer to have someone else prep your seafood meal, they have a sushi chef on-site that is ready to make your favorite sushi on the spot to-go.

Seafood Northgate

If you’re craving tropical flavors, Northgate has you covered.  Their produce section is not only stocked-full with Latin herbs but they also feature Caribbean-hard-to-find fruits and vegetables for your next exotic fruit salad, cocktail or just a craving.

If you’re a big fan of nopales like I am, their nopal station in their produce department features cut nopales.  They’ll even do the hard work and remove the thorns for you.


nopales northgate

For those of us that just want someone else do the cooking for once, Northgate has a Hot and Cold Food Bars for your convenience.  Featuring eight new varieties of tamales, 10 hot soups and stews, fresh salsas, a salad bar and eight new self-serve hot meals for any meal occasion, including Cuaresma (Lent). What other store do you know has delicious capirotada and roasted nopales ready to go?

In the mood for street food? A made to order Taqueria and Loncheria has your favorite burritos and tacos.   Visit the expanded Chef’s case shop filled with traditional tortas and made to order wraps and sandwiches.  If you’re in a hurry, check out their selection of pre-made warps, salads and sandwiches packaged for on-the-go.

Comida Calientita

La Tiendita – one of my favorite departments in the store is cravings heaven.  From Tostilocos made to order to churros, candy, and ice cream. I even spotted some dulces tapatios I could only find in Guadalajara.


Mexican Candy

If you’re an entertainer or aspire to be.  Spend your time planning parties and Northgate will do all the dessert prep for you.  Beautiful gelatinas and cakes of all varieties are conveniently ready.  Reasonable priced desserts come in all sizes so the length of your guest list doesn’t matter.  There’s plenty for everyone.


Cakes 2

Northgate is part of the craft beer movement!  Visit their craft beer section and make your own six-pack.  Perfect for guests with different beer tastes.  If beer isn’t your thing, there’s an expanded wine and tequila section where you’re sure to find your beverage of choice.

I’ve saved my favorite section for last.  Oh the Panaderia!  If you’re a pan dulce connoisseur like me, this is the place for you.  From conchas the size of my head to bite-size panecitos, there is something from everyone.  With more than 100 new artisan breads, cakes and cookies – all are made hot and fresh every day.

Make plans to visit Northgate Market in La Habra and experience this new way of grocery shopping.  Bring your shopping list or just come and have lunch with a friend.  You can even stop by for a fresh-squeezed juice, hot or iced coffee or an agua fresca at their La Barra Cafe.

Northgate Gonzalez Market-La Habra
1305 W. Whittier Blvd.
La Habra, CA 90631

Visit their other locations.

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