Glowfest 2016

March 4, 2016

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Glowfest, all opinions are my own.

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Every December, I make the same New Year’s resolution to take better care of myself.  Some years that resolution only lasts until the end of January.  Other years, I am able to keep my promise longer but I eventually return to my old bad habits.  It’s tough to get motivated and keep working hard when life, its stress and daily routine won’t stop.  I’ve reached that point when I say “no more!” To get 2016 started on the right foot, I attended Glowfest.  Glowfest was a high energy-packed afternoon hosted by Weight Watchers as an introduction to their Beyond the Scale Program.   What is The Beyond the Scale Program, you ask?  It’s a holistic approach to a healthy eating and a lifestyle. It was time to focus on taking care of myself and that’s what Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Program is all about.  It’s a personalized approach to your own fitness pace, lifestyle and taking and focusing on the inner you.

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The afternoon was filled with a lot – full of healthy and Weight Watchers SmartPoints™

meals and snacks. Weight Watchers new SmartPoints™ focus on nutritious, healthier foods.  Foods that will make you feel better and in turn, provide more energy.  No food was off-limits and that’s how it should always be when it comes to making better-for-you choices and kick-starting a healthier lifestyle. Beyond the Scale is a simple guide that leads you to healthier eating patterns that will become second nature day in and day out.

From an angel food cake bar to a taco bar.  The possibilities were endless.  But my favorite was the crudité garden table.  It grabbed my attention immediately and I gravitated to gawk at the impressive set-up of an edible garden complete with “dirt” and colorful veggies.  The “dirt” was made with wild rice and black olives that perfectly paired with a large variety of seasonal vegetables.
Glowfest 2

The creativity didn’t stop there.  The rainbow salad bar was beautiful to admire and see how so many fruits and vegetables varied in color to create such vivid display of flavors and textures.
Glowfest 3

The health and wellness motivation transitioned into a full blown dance party!  Not only was there a DJ on-site to keep the high-energy atmosphere going but Groov3 made a special appearance with a fun dance workout to get the heart beat rate up and the body moving.   The vibes were out of this world and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time.  Workouts don’t have to be strenuous.  This party was the perfect example of the fun atmosphere and pace Beyond the Scale program focuses on.

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A workout just isn’t a workout without something refreshing to follow.  A smoothie bar was conveniently located in the workout/dance area with a display of colorful, thirst-quenching and Weight Watcher’s approved smoothies. ”vibrance,” “energy,” and “me!” where definitely the ongoing themes at Glowfest.
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After nutrition and exercise, rejuvenation was next.  The Nail Truck made an appearance to pamper attendees with manicures and hand massages.  A portable spa complete with naturally flavored water and a comfy lounge to chat with new and old friends.   A great way to get pampered and just focus on me.  Those rejuvenation stations were a great reminder that a healthier lifestyle begins with me and what Beyond the Scale is all about.
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Glowfest was such a fun way to welcome the New Year, spend an afternoon with friends and get motivated.  Living a healthy life is living a balanced life.  But everyone is different.  With a customized approach by Beyond the Scale, following the program is simple and gets you one step closer to reaching your goal.

Thank you Weight Watchers and Popsugar for organizing this wonderful event full of motivation, positivity, strength and spirit.  I look forward to learning more about Weight Watchers new holistic approach with Beyond the Scale and incorporating it into my own lifestyle to achieve the ultimate balance of mind and body in 2016.

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