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My Visit to Lundberg Family Rice Farms

November 2, 2015

This is a sponsored post by Lundberg Family farms.  All opinions are my own.

rice field

When someone asks me what I think the best thing about blogging is, I have to say that it is visiting the farms where our food comes from.   I love to see the entire process of how my food makes it to the dinner table.  From start to finish.  I turn into a shameless food geek and I love every minute of it.

Last month, I had the great opportunity to visit Lundberg Family Farms with a select group of food blggers.  I’m sure you’ve seen lots of  wonderful Lundberg Farms products in store shelves.  From quinoa to rice cakes (chocolate covered!), rice chips and many varieties of rice.  Their products are USDA Organic and non-gmo, sustainably grown.  Always a plus in my book.

Our tour began in the tiny Northern California town of Richvale, California.  An area near Chico where Albert and Frances Lundberg traveled to from Nebraska during the Great Depression. In 1937,  Albert and Frances, along with their four sons, Harlan, Wendell, Homer and Eldon settled in Richvale because they found the land conditions adequate for growing the highest quality rice products in a sustainable manner.  A method they have been practicing for over 75 years.

Now, third and fourth generation Lundbergs continue to maintain the family legacy by following Albert Lundberg’s mission to “Leave the land better than you found it.”

rice collage 1

The Richvale walking tour was led by Grant Lundberg, CEO of Lundberg Family Farms.  Where we literally walked in the middle of the street and scanned the 12-square blocks (277 population!) of this tiny town rich in Lundberg history.

Next, we had the opportunity to experience a rice harvest. On this particular day, Lundberg Farms was harvesting Koshihikari rice or sushi rice.  The sky was as blue as it could get and the rice fields were earthy with a nut-like aroma. The smell was divine.  I was ready to get my hands dirty and live this once in a lifetime moment.

rice collage 2

rice collage 3

Feeling like a true farmer, I jumped in a combine and got to experience first -hand rice harvest season.  Eric Lundberg and Lance Benson, grower services manager, led the way on to the fields and the rice dryers.

The rice dryers are giant bins that store rice and reduce the moisture content in each batch during an extended period of time.  Each bin is carefully monitored until the perfect amount of moisture is reached.

We not only experienced the rice fields and dryers.  We also stepped foot inside the nursery, production facilities and the Lundberg offices.  The Lundberg offices were planned and built in a most efficient way using recycled materials and natural light.  The design is beautiful and functional.

Our fun trip concluded with a challenge.  A cooking challenge that is.  Rachael and I prepared pork loin taco bowl with spinach cilantro rice.  Dana and Nicole prepared wild rice avocado cups and Kim and Joanie were crowned as winners with their candied nut tarts.  The meal was delightful and absolutely delicious.  I always love cooking in those big commercial kitchens.

12108304_10153751978954260_1899980265662230638_nFrom left, Eric Lundberg, Kim, Joanie, me, Nicole, Rachael, Dana, and Lance Benson.

Thank you Lundberg family for opening your doors to us.  It was wonderful to experience the origin of your products while at the same time meeting the wonderful folks who run this operation and see their true devotion to their life on the farm.

rice collage 4

For more information on Lundberg Family Farms visit their website or follow along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.