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Recipes for Dia de Muertos

October 29, 2015

Honor your loved ones (dead and alive) with these traditional Mexican recipes dedicated to this wonderful holiday.  From breads to main dishes, warm drinks and decadent desserts, you will find something perfect for the occasion.   I have more where that came from. Below you will find some of my favorites and most popular from Nibbles and Feasts during this time of the year.  Enjoy!

Dia De Los Muertos Recipes

Pan de Muerto:  Also known as bread of the dead, this sweet Mexican bread is enjoyed with coffee or champurrado during Day of the Dead Season.
Papas con Elotes al Mole: Similar to a vegetable-packed stew such as mole de olla, papas en mole highlight the starchiness of the potato with the sweet and smoky spice from the ancho and guajillo chiles.
Nopales Vestidos: A vegetarian dish of breaded cactus paddles on a tasty tomato sauce.
Mole Negro:  A savory, spicy and sweet sauce made with smoky dried chiles and a variety of traditional ingredients including Mexican chocolate.
Molletes de Dulce con Chocolate de Agua:  A siple recipe of buttered and sugared bolillos accompanied by a frothy water based hot chocolate.
Jalapeño and Nopalitos Tamales: Bits of chopped cactus paddles and pickled jalapeños mixed together in seasoned masa and steamed to perfection.
Enchiladas Mineras with Garlic Crema:  Vegetarian enchiladas stuffed with cooked carrots and potatoes drizzled with savory garlic crema.
Poblano and Corn Soup:  A sweet and spicy brothy soup topped with chunks of panela cheese and Mexican sour cream.
Pumpkin Champurrado: A pumpkin twist to a fall favorite.  Enjoy this masa based drink with your favorite pastry.

Dia de Muertos Recipes

Atole Almendrado | Almond Atole: A thick corn flour based drink made with almond butter and sweetened with piloncillo.
Green Pozole:  Chicken stock, tomatillo, poblano and jalapeño chiles make this traditional Mexican soup a crowd favorite.
Arroz con Leche: A traditional Mexican dessert made with rice, milk, sugar, cloves and cinnamon.  Ther perfect winter time indulgence.
Sweet Gorditas:  Snack size, thick tortillas with a hint of sugar and cinnamon.  Great with dulce de leche spread and a cup of coffee.
Lamb in Yellow Mole  A chunky stew thickened with corn flour and large pieces of vegetables and cooked to perfection lamb.
Achiote Pork with Cactus Stips: Cubed, simmered pork in a smoky achiote sauce and tender strips of cactus paddles.