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Grill Pork this Labor Day

September 5, 2015


Labor Day is here and it (unofficially) ends grilling season. Although, living in Southern California, that rule is very difficult to follow because grilling is just a part of every day life with the help of the gorgeous weather we are lucky to have. So that means we are just getting started!

One thing is for sure. Grilling is very special to us because it usually signifies a family gathering. Sometimes it is a “just because” event but other times it’s the perfect opportunity for a celebration. That means, lots of food, fun and relaxation with loved ones.

This grilling season is very different than year’s past. I’ve learned so many tips and tricks on how to grill to perfection. Making me a confident cook behind the grill. I’ve also discovered that pork is a great meat to cook outdoors. I never would’ve thought that pork is just as simple to grill as the other proteins we are used to grilling.


As a pork-grilling aficionado, I decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend and spread the news about what a breeze grilling pork is. I’m starting by crashing my family’s Labor Day celebration with a few marinated pork chops. They’ll never know what hit them with these juicy pork chops. The perfect cut to introduce them to a whole new grilling experience.

No matter where you live, any cookout can use the flavor boost that pork brings. With so many varieties to choose from, it’s easy to pair popular pork chops with almost any flavor for a juicy, tender and mouthwatering grilling experience. I’ve even paired them with tasty apricots and the result was divine.


The National Pork Board wants to know how you’re crashing your grill with big time pork flavor this summer. Take a selfie of you and your pork on the grill, or just your pork on the grill, and share it socially tagged with #grillpork.

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