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Happy Father’s Day #DoinGood

June 16, 2015

This is a sponsored post by Minute Maid and DiMe Media.  All Opinions are my own.

When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant, so many thoughts and fears circled around our minds. We second guessed ourselves thinking what kind of parents we would become. I remember sleepless nights, even before we had a little one in our arms, just going through every worst case scenario as a parent.

I look back and laugh a little at ourselves because we really didn’t know what we had in store (and what’s to come!).  At just six years of being parents, I am proud to say that we are doing way better than I thought we would be during those sleepless nights. Parenting isn’t a breeze, not at all, but it makes it 100% more manageable when you have a support system.  My husband is my best support system, partner and father to my son I could ever ask for.  I don’t know what I would do without

When I first saw the Minute Maid #DoinGood video, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  Feeling like a heavy load of all those years of underestimating myself as a parent had been lifted off my back.  Now, I want to share it with all the fathers, father figures, support systems an those single fathers trying to get through parenting alone. I tip my hat to you because you’re #DoinGood and you’re amazing.



In light of Father’s Day, Minute Maid created this short video to share with fellow dads just to let them know they are #DoinGood.  It’s an emotional eye-opener to see their children’s perspective on just how great mothers and fathers are doing at parenting.
Minute Maid’s heart-warming #DoinGood video will show you how moms and dads think their doing at parenting and how they are actually doing from their children’s prospective. It’s not what you think.  Grab some tissues because it’s a great video to reflect on when one is doubting themselves as a good parent.

Know of a dad who’s going a great job but may not realize it? Post a shout out/short story about him in the comment section below to let him know that he’s doing a better job as a parent than he may realize. With the comment you’ll have a chance to win an awesome Minute Maid prize pack, which includes a $50 Visa gift. Use the gift card to continue “Doin’ Good” with your kids (or give it to someone you think could use it to keep Doin Good with her/his family).


Wishing a wonderful Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures in our lives!

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This is a sponsored post by Minute Maid and DiMe Media.  All Opinions are my own.