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Peppermint Mexican Mocha

December 14, 2014

We are in the middle of a rain storm in Los Angeles and are expecting a much needed 4 inches of rain in the next few days.  That means we are staying indoors and keeping dry.  Rain in Los Angeles is rare and we are looking forward to the rain drops pitter pattering on our window panes and the wet coolness we’ve been missing the last few years.  That means, we will be spending quite some time keeping ourselves busy in the comfort of our own home.  The board games are coming out of storage and lots of cookie baking will keep us entertained.  Not to mention Netflix binge watching if our power stays on.

Peppermint Mexican Mocha
With cookies, wet weather and the holidays, come frothy drinks to keeps us warm and happy. As a Wilton Treat Team Ambassador, I look forward to the wonderful products Wilton sends me every month and this month was no disappointment.  December’s package was just as fun as I expected.  I was immediately drawn to the cuteness of Wilton’s Cocoa Trimming Kit.  Five adorable marshmallow snowmen to garnish your drink with matching peppermint  sticks for stirrers.

These little cuties are perfect to include in cocoa making gifts or make great conversation starters at holiday parties and hot beverage stations.  I decided to try them out as a fun little surprise to home made peppermint Mexican mochas.  The floating snowmen held their shape and lasted quite some time on the hot beverage.

For more recipe ideas and inspiration, visit  Shop for this Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit and other Wilton products online and at your local Jo-Anne and Michael’s crafts stores.

Pepperming Mexican mocha

Peppermint Mexican Mocha
Serves 4

3 1/3 cups 2% milk, divided
1 4-inch cinnamon stick
1 (90 gram) tablet Mexican Chocolate
1 cup brewed coffee or 1/2 cup brewed espresso
1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
1 box Wilton’s Cocoa Trimming Kit

In a large saucepan or small stock pot over low medium heat, combine 3 cups milk, cinnamon stick and chocolate tablet.  Heat until chocolate tablet melts, stirring constantly and using a molinillo to froth up liquid. Remove from heat, stir in coffee and peppermint extract.

Froth remaining milk.  To froth your milk without a frother, simply pour milk in a jar with a lid.  Jar should be large enough for the milk to froth.  Milk should fill no more than half way.  Close jar with lid and shake vigorously until milk has doubled in size.  About 1 minute.

Remove lid from jar, place jar in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds.  Remove from microwave an pour milk and froth in mugs.

Add froth to mugs then serve chocolate over froth.  Stir and decorate with Wilton’s Cocoa Trimming Kit and enjoy.

This is a sponsored post by Wilton.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.