Southwest Cornbread Chicken

November 23, 2014

Southwest Cornbread Chicken Stuffing

My family takes Thanksgiving seriously. It is a time to showcase our specialty dishes and a time to enjoy everyone else’s contribution to the feast. From my sister’s green bean casserole to my aunt’s deliciously sweet pumpkin pie to my mom’s famous chicken stuffing. Our holiday is a runway parading delicious Thanksgiving recipes and memorable moments of joyful conversation and laughter.

This year, my mom will be spending the holiday at my brother’s house and that means there will be an empty spot where her stuffing is usually displayed. I took the situation into my own hands and decided to test out STOVE TOP Cornbread Stuffing Mix with ground chicken for a delicious Southwestern Corn Bread Chicken Stuffing.

When I decided on the ingredients for this stuffing, I wanted this stuffing to be a versatile recipe that could be served for Thanksgiving dinner accompanying a plump turkey and a complete meal that could be served at any time of the year with minimal cost. My ultimate goal was for this dish to be tasty enough a five-year-old would devour it in an instant. The result was a successful mouthwatering dinner that is now a permanent dish in our monthly dinner menu and a featured dish this Thanksgiving.

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