Introducing Lesley Stowe Raincoast Flats

October 1, 2014

Flats 3

When I began this crazy recipe developer and food writing journey, I never expected to experience new places, new friendships and new loyalties to brands I’ve grown to love.   I’ve met so many passionate people who have worked very hard to get to where they are today. From successful chefs to best-selling cookbook authors to entrepreneurs with inspiring stories and struggles. It’s an inspiration to see those personal friends, colleagues and social media acquaintances grow and prosper.

This year, I attended The International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle, WA where I had the opportunity to meet Lesley Stowe, creator of Lesley Stowe Fine Foods and Raincoast Crisps. Lesley told us her story of how Raincoast Crisps evolved and became, in my opinion one of the best crackers one could get their hands on.


Lesley’s passion for specialty crackers continued and introduced Raincoast Flats.  A crispy and flaky cracker made of high quality ingredients that not only present themselves beautifully in a gift basket but also taste incredible.  With flavors such as lemon and fennel and kale and walnut, who can resist just one of these crispy flatbreads.

Raincoast Flats pair perfectly with pesto, hummus, your favorite cheeses and straight out of the box just like my 5-year-old-son likes to enjoy them.  I was surprised how delighted he was when he discovered those kale and walnut flats tucked away in his lunch box.


IFBC turned out to be a trip full of inspiration that motivated new professional projects and ideas.  With a venue full of experts, great food and passionate people, only great things could flourish from this venture.  I’ve compiled a fun slide show of my time at IFBC.  I hope you enjoy watching and getting a glimpse of what a great networking food blogger conference is all about.

This is a sponsored post by Raincoast Crisps.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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