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September 29, 2014


Quick prep meals are great time savers when one comes home from a hectic day. Now that the kids are back in school, any meal that doesn’t involve an oven makes coming home from work and school so much easier to handle and leaves time for important activities such as family bonding, exercise and catching up on homework.

Hearty sandwiches, salads and slow-cooker chicken breast and pork meat are easy dinner ideas that can come together with just a few ingredients and creative time management in prepping. By taking a little bit of time to prep before you leave for work or the night before, dinnertime is simplified and everyone in you family is happy.

Aguachile is a simple dinner that can be prepared as soon as you arrive home. No heat or oven is needed and the recipe calls for tasty vegetables. By adding A.1. Original Sauce to the lime juice, the flavor intensifies and your dinner is ready to be devoured. Serve with you favorite tortilla chips or crackers to round out the flavor with a perfect crunchy bite.

To see the full recipe, visit Kraft Recipes.