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New! Cheerios Protein

July 24, 2014

This post is sponsored by Cheerios.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Protein CheeriosOur mornings are about to get more chaotic.  Joaquin will start kindergarten in a couple of months and our routine is about to change completely.  During his 5-year check up, his doctor advised us to start including more protein in his breakfast to help him stay alert throughout the day.  While he was in preschool, he had the opportunity to take a long nap and recoup for the second half of the day.  Sadly, nap time is now over and he will not get a chance to rest and recharge in the middle of his day.

The next best thing is to get a full night’s rest and a protein packed breakfast.  Although he already enjoys a breakfast full of protein of scrambled eggs with tomato and spinach and breakfast sausage,  it’s nice to have options.


Cheerios now has Cheerios Protein.  It provides 11 grams of protein with milk, is a good source of fiber, has 27 grams of whole grain and 13 vitamins and minerals.  It is also available in two great varieties: Oats and honey and cinnamon almond. The granola-like clusters with whole grain, soy protein and lentils (yes, lentils!) is what give this breakfast cereal its protein boost.

Because it has the same great taste as Honey Nut Cheerios, it can be included in parfaits, breakfast bars, fruit salads and other recipes for mid-day snacks.

If you anticipate a rushed morning before work or school, give Cheerios Protein a try.  They are convenient, protein packed and great-tasting.
Protein Infographic