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A Taste of Tradition

May 24, 2014

This post is sponsored by Plum Organics.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Raising an adventurous eater takes a good deal of patience and creativity.  My son’s first solid meal was creamy avocado.  Then we moved on to mashed sweet potato blended with cinnamon. Then, on to strained pinto beans and rice.  Our weekly routine for two years included two to four hours of meal preparation for the week.  Since baby food shouldn’t include salt or bold seasoning and flavors, everything had to be prepared separately and be readily available at the beck and call of a very demanding growing toddler.


Having my mom around in the kitchen allowed us to bounce baby food ideas off each other. We experimented with Mexican flavors to nourish my little guy and be enjoyable enough to have him ask for more or look forward to the next meal.  I wanted him to experience the same flavors I grew up with and grow accustomed to as his palate evolved.

When time was of the essence and traveling put a damper on our feeding time, Plum Organics was always there to help us with feeding or snack time on the go.   With my diaper bag packed with snacks such as Sammy Jammy’s, Mighty Puff  ‘Ems and Yogurt Dippers, travel was a smooth ride.  When lunch time came around, I relied on their Second Blend line of baby food in an easy to carry pouch.

Now, I’m so happy to find out that Plum Organics has a new World Baby line that features delicious blends from around the world.  Just how mom and I used to prepare for my baby.  When I saw that the line included a variety of beans, rice and sweet corn, I was quick to tell my new mom friends the news.

To celebrate this global tasting, the kind folks at Plum Organics, have allowed me to give away a World Baby Kit full of their new global-inspired flavors.  To enter, register below for the opportunity to win.