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Game Night, Pizza Night

January 27, 2014

PizzaHero.jpgThe end of January always means it’s time to get ready for the big football game.  Game day has to be fuss-free.  No interruptions are allowed because not only are we enjoying the game, but I love to watch the commercials as well.

Pizza4.jpgWhen it’s pre-game, we pop our DiGiorno rising crust pizzas in the oven and wait for our football feast to permeate our kitchen with that tempting rising crust aroma.  In less than 30 minutes, our pizzas are out of the oven and ready to be devoured by the hungry fans that we are.

With DiGiorno’s pizza varieties, there is something for everyone.  Even my picky 5-year-old loves to get his hands on a rising crust DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza.

Pizza2.jpgGame day doesn’t have to be labor intensive, it’s all about having a good time and enjoying every minute of it.  This includes commercials too!

To get you started, check out this coupon hot deal for “Buy 2 Get 1 FREE” DiGiorno large pizzas.  Perfectly timed to enjoy on Sunday because it expires February 2, 2014.  Don’t miss this great deal!

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