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#FightFatTalk with Special K

December 13, 2013

This post is sponsored by Special K.

This is me.  Today I am posting a selfie.  I don’t normally publish non-food related posts here but I want to discuss an issue that I have identified with for many years in a number a ways.

Before I had my son, I was so judgmental of my physical appearance that I would avoid being photographed.  It was something I was painfully uncomfortable with.    You see, I’ve always categorized myself as “big boned.”  I was one of those 93%* of women that Fat Talk in front of the mirror, in the dressing room under that very bright and revealing luminescent light bulb. I would look at photographs of myself and be completely embarrassed.   I was part of that 63%* that Fat Talked at least once a week.  Sometimes it felt like it was just a normal part of my day.

As soon as I had my son, something happened.  I started to love myself.  Even though the post-baby weight gain arrived in full force, the negativity towards my body decreased and I started to view the world in a different light. I looked back at the few photographs I appeared in and thought to myself “what in the world was I thinking?  I look so great.”

This negative talk is an enormous challenge facing women; specifically teenage girls. As a mom of one charming little boy and an aunt of five beautiful girls, I am doing everything I can to fight this problem of negative self-image and doubt.

Special K has partnered with super model Tyra Banks to address this issue in Fight Fat Talk. A movement to rid negative dialogue among women that leads to an unhealthy body image.

In order to achieve healthy weight management, a positive body image is crucial.

Here are some tips that have helped me be confident, avoid self-neglect and stir my focus towards loving myself.

  • Make loving you your #1 goal.  You will notice that every puzzle piece will fall into place once you let go and you will immediately begin to grow in life, body and spirit.
  • Recognize your potential.  You’d be surprised what you are capable of if you set your mind and energy to it.  Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that will come to you once you start loving yourself.
  • Begin the morning by talking to yourself.  Don’t reach for the electronic devices.  Compliment yourself on your looks,  talents, and those perfect imperfections that makes you, you.
  • Disconnect: spend time going for a walk outdoors,  have brunch with friends or take up a hobby or exercise.  Your energy level will increase once you start to enjoy these activities.
  • Keep toxicity away. Avoid drama and don’t allow negative people in your life.

Remember that this mission starts with you.  Start by loving yourself.

SpecialK_FightFatTalkInfographic_Final 12.5This post is sponsored by Special K.