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2014 Resolutions #FightFatTalk

December 31, 2013

This post is sponsored by Special K.

Happy New Year!  Like most, I like to make a list of resolutions for the New Year.  Some are easy to attain, some take a little bit more work.  I like to revisit that list a few times a year and check to see if I’m following through on the promises I’ve made myself to lead a more fulfilling life.

My New Year resolutions for 2014 include better time management.  This includes a more disciplined routine when it comes to computer work and kitchen work.  I need to follow my work calendar and not stray in other projects that can wait.

I need to take a break every day.  20 to 30 Minutes is all I need. I will make it a point to relax, go for walks and even take power naps to recharge and be more productive for the second half of my work day.  This gives me a chance to put aside any unnecessary stress and obtain energy to spend time with my son.  This energy will give me more patience when helping him with his  homework and motivation to spend time outdoors and be active.


Last bust not least, I promise myself to quit the ‘fat talk’.  Those negative comments harm one’s self esteem.  I would never want my son and nieces speaking to themselves in such a negative tone.  That’s why “fighting the talk” needs to start with me.   Recently, Special K set up a scenario where real women were monitored shopping at a pretend store that “fat talked” to the customers.  Their reactions were caught on camera….

It’s hard to believe that 93% of women “fat talk” themselves.  Sometimes it’s just part of the shopping experience and seems like a normal thing to think or say when trying on clothing.

I’m ready to tackle these New Year’s resolutions at full steam and #FightFatTalk.
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