Skull Sugar Cubes

November 2, 2013


It’s Dia de Muertos!  Our altar is up, our pan de muerto is baked and our mole Oaxaqueño is just about finished.  While we waited for everything to cook, we made cute mini-sugar skulls to sweeten our morning coffee.

They are very simple to prepare.  All you need is Zulka Sugar, water and if you wish, just a dab of ready made cookie icing to accent their teeth and nose.

I particularly love using Zulka Sugar because the sugar is non GMO and better tasting in my coffee.

Skulls 2.jpgSugar skulls tend to be time consuming and messy. Not these! These are ready in half the time because they are so small.  I even made plenty to give away as gifts.  People loved them!



Skull Sugar Cubes

Yield: Makes 18


  • 2 cups Zulka Sugar
  • 4 teaspoons water
  • ready made cookie icing
  • small skull mold


  1. In a medium bowl combine sugar and water. Mix with spoon until a wet sand consistency forms.
  2. scoop sugar mixture onto small molds and pack the sugar tightly. Turn the mold over onto a cookie sheet or cardboard, remove the mold and let the sugar skulls dry for approximately 4 hours.
  3. If you wish to accent their nose and teeth, use white ready made cookie icing to dot the teeth and outline the nose. Allow to dry for 2 more hours.

This post is not sponsored. I received Zulka Sugar and a sugar skull mold  to facilitate this post.  

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