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My Flavorful Adventure with Kikkoman

August 10, 2013


Hey, look!  That’s me in Wisconsin! What am I doing in Wisconsin, you ask? I flew all the way from Los Angeles to learn all about soy sauce.  What?! Yup, you read correctly.  That’s where Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce is made and I got to see the entire process and meet the nice folks that make it all happen. This takes place in no other place than in the tiny town of Walworth, Wisconsin.

I love what I do and it is a passion of mine to spread the word about great products I feel a connection to.  I love getting to know the product, cook with it, show its versatility to others, and be inspired to create new dishes.   Kikkoman is one of those brands! Myself along with Whit, Tessa and Rachel (pictured above), were selected as brand ambassadors for Kikkoman. What an honor!  The Flavor Brigade, that’s what they call us.

Our fun-filled tour began with this beautifully shot video about the history of Kikkoman.  We learned all about  their wonderful philosophy, their dedication and pride in satisfying consumers with a premium quality all purpose seasoning. I recommend you watch this video because I guarantee you will be captivated by the Kikkoman story, the story behind some of its dedicated employees and the supportive community that surrounds them.


The natural brewing process of Kikkoman begins with simple ingredients that go through a complex transformation. Soybeans, wheat, water and salt are turned into something pretty special:  The world’s best soy sauce.

We spent the afternoon walking the plant  through fermentation tanks that will eventually develop that distinct flavor and soy sauce aroma we all love.  Witnessing the pressing, modeled after the traditional raw soy sauce extraction of the 1600’s was one of my favorite tour moments.

KikkomanBloggers2I was lucky enough to meet Kikkoman’s Chef Helen Roberts, the fantastic PR crew and wonderful bloggers that made this trip a memorable one.  I love meeting new friends that share the same passions as I do.  Here we are all suited up and ready four our tour.

Kikkoman PlantOur trip didn’t end there!  Our next stop was  a boat ride around Lake Geneva!  We toured the beautiful homes that surround this magical place and got to take in the Wisconsin summer breeze.


Thank you Kikkoman for this unforgettable experience and welcoming us into your home.  It was a great pleasure to learn what it takes to be the best.  I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking some of my favorite recipes with Kikkoman.  Stay tuned because I will share them right here!


Enter the Kikkoman Master Sauce Recipe Contest  for the opportunity to win $1,000 if your recipe is selected a winner!  For more recipe ideas and to learn more about Kikkoman, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a sponsored post as part of the Flavor Brigade Kikkoman program.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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