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Disney Story App: My Perfect Cookbook

July 8, 2013

Guacamole.jpg This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here.

This past weekend was one of those weekends when all we do is eat.  Those long weekends get us every time. Since this is always expected, I figured I should prepare and cook healthy appetizers and small bites for us to fill quickly and with no guilt.

Guacamole is always a great option because avocados are in season, it’s easy to prepare, it’s made with fresh ingredients and last but not least, it’s delicious.  Everyone has their own special way of making guacamole.  Today, I’m sharing my method with you.

For me, the trick is the amount of lime juice and salt added.  There’s just the right amount that make give this traditional appetizer the perfect bite.

With the help of Disney’s new app, Disney Story, I was able to tell you my guacamole story.

Disney Story App is not only excellent to document recipes.  It’s also a great tool to keep wonderful memories alive.  Just like scrap books and online photo programs. The app is so versatile and easy to use that photo albums, or stories, can be shared via your social channels in a matter of a few minutes.  The photographs are pulled from your smartphone or electronic tablet and can easily be assembled into a practical memory book to cherish for years to come.  The story presentation can be personalized with fun templates, your added text and your very own photographs.  Every story is unique and completely yours.  Leave it up to Disney Interactive to make your Story App experience a special one.

As if this app hasn’t outdone itself already, one of the greatest functions of the Disney Story App is that you can include video within your story!  Here, I’ve included the 2-fork method I use to mash my avocado for the perfect guacamole consistency. Enjoy!