A Good Night’s Sleep with a Glass of Milk #Positivismo

April 26, 2013

milk & cookies

Last night’s Latin Billboard Awards were so fun to watch.   I loved the tribute to Jenny Rivera and how all the artists come together to recognize such a talented peer.  This kindness makes me very emotional, especially after some of the bad events that have been in the news lately.  Many kids look up to these artists and we need to teach our children to be positive and to show kindness to others.  I like all the positive energy that these artists portray to their fans.

Although not all the artists won at last night’s event, to me they are already winners.  They have made it very far in life and just being at the event makes them winners.  And in case they are feeling a little down, they can enjoy a big glass of cold milk.  Did you know that milk has alpha-lactalbumin?  Alpha-lactalbumin is rich in Tryptophan, which helps you sleep better.  Getting a better night’s sleep helps your brain and body rest and when you wake up well rested you may have a more positive outlook.

So drink up, it’s a good time to see life with the glass half full…of milk.  Get a good night’s rest and dream big.  Many great dreams started with a good night’s rest!

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