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In the Dog Haus

Hot dogs remind me of the first time I saw the Cubs play at Wrigley field. They take their hot dogs seriously and don’t mess around! I was in line to order a Chicago Dog and had my order ready. “Just mustard,” that’s all. How dare I utter those words out of my mouth? The hot dog vendor gave me a look as if I had just insulted her grandmother! “Mustard?” she said.. “pfffft!”. She pffft me!! She said, “you’re at Wrigley Field, you’re getting the works!”

It was the most amazing hot dog ever…

Double Dog Dare: 2 dogs, white American cheese, grilled jalapeños, onions.  Made with their signature 1/4-lb, all-beef, skinless hot dog and served on grilled King’s Hawaiian bread

So, with that, I wanted to let you know that there is a new Dog in town. Dog Haus in Pasadena recently opened its doors and it’s pretty close to the hot dog nirvana I reached at Wrigley.

Not only does it have ample parking in the lot behind the building, but has plenty of room inside or outside under the umbrellas if you’re up for an al fresco lunch. Pricing is great compared to other “gourmet” hot dog restaurants. Under $23 for 3 people, included sides and drinks. Best of all…no lines!! There is one downside though, no beer… awww.

Highly recommended. Make your way over there before it becomes trendy and you have to line up for an hour + just for a hot dog and fries.

One more thing…try the corn dog!

Crispy fries
Best of the Wurst hot dog: a 1/4-lb gourmet sausage & 2 two toppings—on a french roll

Tater Tots

Dog Haus
105 N. Hill #104

Pasadena, CA 91106



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